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Charlie’s Dog Training Centre

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This class is for owners who want to continue their training because they have recognised that their dog really benefits from weekly controlled playing and training with lots of other dogs. It is also for the person that wish’s to attend the club class courses that are invitation only courses. This means that the dog has reached a required standard of training, this course will provide the finishing touches to the dog’s training and the owner’s knowledge of how to have a happy well-behaved dog.

With over 18 years of experience we have found that a course consisting of 6 one hour sessions to be the most effective, the number of dogs allowed to attend this course is limited to twelve and with two instructors on hand it offers excellent value for money. This course is held on a Saturday @ 12.30pm, Sunday @ 12.30pm and a Tuesday @ 6.30pm.

Please note the revised time!


All the dogs and owners that fulfil the aims of this course will have a very high standard of control; they will know how to negotiate all of the agility equipment and some form of a retrieve. The dog may also be able to do fly-ball dependant on the owner’s expectations as some dogs will be invited to the club class level even though they have not got a recognised retrieve. The course is fun and we also teach the owner how to train their dog to do the latest dog sport Tri Ball!

The course is a combination of theory and practical, all aimed at achieving the aims of the Pre-advanced course outlined below.


  1. The dog will be able to walk off the lead around other dogs and people.
  2. The dog will be able to stay off lead whilst another dog enjoys a game in the same area.
  3. A send away, this is where the dog will leave your side on a command and drop in to the down position at a given point.
  4. The dog will be able to do a distant sit and down position.
  5. The owner will be able to recall their dog from playing with other dogs.
  6. The dog will be able to perform a stay with the owner going out of sight for a 2 minute period.
  7. The flat or dead position where the dog has to lay still on its side and the owner will be able to examine the dog in this position.
  8. The dog will have some form of retrieve.
  9. All dogs will be able to negotiate the following agility equipment, the tunnel, low walkway, hoop, low hurdle, floppy tunnel, low A frame and weave poles.
  10. The front position.
  11. The heel or close position.
  12. The dog and owner will have a knowledge of Tri Ball.

All owners with their dogs will receive instruction on how to control their dog when off the lead in our training paddocks.

All exercises will be backed up by our system of homework sheets to help you practice exercises at home.

On completion of the Pre-advance course you and your dog will be invited to the next level, the Club course.

We are currently teaching over 300 people a week to train their dogs and as such demand for places on all courses is high. We would recommend that you book your place to guarantee the time and day of your choice.  


Includes your Certificate and Invitation to Club Class Level

The course is 6 one hour sessions.