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Charlie’s Dog Training Centre

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This course shows how to develop the training already completed in the puppy course and the induction course. The owner will learn how to have better control over the dog when on and off the lead with an emphasis on lead walking and recalls. Recalling your dog from playing with other dogs will also be covered as will distance control. There is a lot of attention paid to owner’s body language and how to change it to facilitate better responses from the dog, learning how to handle the dog more effectively improves owner confidence and a better understanding between owner and dog. Fun also has a large place on this course so with this in mind an element of fun but low height agility is introduced and this will again improve the handling skills of the owner and help grow the dog’s confidence to tackle strange obstacles.  

With over 18 years of experience we have found that a course consisting of 6 one hour sessions to be the most effective, the number of dogs allowed to attend this course is limited to twelve and with three instructors on hand it offers excellent value for money. This course is held on a Sat @ 10.30am, Sun @ 10.30am and a Monday @ 6.30pm


Most of the dogs who attend the novice course have come from puppy school and are still very young - usually around the 6 to 8 month mark. With this in mind all owners who attend this course need to understand that this age is a very important stage in their puppy’s /dog’s development. This is the age when consistency from the owner and their family / friends is crucial to the training and future behaviour of the dog. Some of the dogs will have attended the induction course and will need to have the training achieved in Induction reinforced and expanded. This course has been designed for people who have attended the puppy school and those that have completed the induction course.

We are able to offer a wide range of courses that are structured to help you achieve the behaviour and control you require in your dog. Once you have completed the novice course we will be able to offer you a place on the Graduate dog course. These courses operate on weekends and evenings.

We would also encourage all members of the family to attend the course as we feel it is important that every one is consistent with the dog and its training!  

The course is a combination of theory and practical, all aimed at achieving the aims of the Novice course outlined below.


  1. The dog will be able to lie down using a verbal command only.
  2. The dog will learn that the heel position is to be by your side when walking or standing still. This will help with recalls to heel.
  3. A send away, this is where the dog will leave your side on a command and drop in to the down position at a given point.
  4. The stop command is reinforced and the exercise expanded to show how to get the dog to stop away from the owner.
  5. The owner will be able to recall their dog from playing with another.
  6. The dog will be able to perform a stay whilst the owner moves away from them to a distance of 10 to 15 feet.
  7. The flat or dead position where the dog has to lay still on its side will be reinforced.
  8. Fun games using toys and food bowls will be demonstrated and encouraged.
  9. All dogs will be introduced to low agility equipment, tunnels and hoops.

All owners with their dogs will receive instruction on how to control their dog when off the lead in our training paddocks.

All exercises will be backed up by our system of homework sheets to help you practice exercises at home.

On completion of the Novice course you and your dog will be invited to the next level, the Graduate dog course.

We are currently teaching over 300 people a week to train their dogs and as such demand for places on all courses is high, we would recommend that you book your place to guarantee the time and day of your choice.  


Including your Certificate

The course is 6 one hour sessions.